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The Full Circle Movement Studio

Movement, Mobility, Fluidity.

 We are creatures of movement. We are designed to be mobile, flexible and adaptable. When we experience Injury, Stress, or Illness our bodies react by creating patterns of immobility and stagnation. These patterns persist as long as we Believe them necessary. Our bodies are usually ready to heal long before our minds allow it. This is mental programming causing physical re-patterning that results in immobility, pain, and dysfunction. 


Infinite Connections

 Everything is connected in our body. Tension in one place translates into pain somewhere else. We mitigate stress and tension throughout out bodies through compensation which results in an imbalanced structural system. Where the pain is, the problem usually isn't. 


Human Geometry

  The human body is designed along with everything else in the Universe. It is in this design that we are structurally and intrinsically linked to everything around us. The same geometry that forms bone, muscle and neurons is also responsible for the structure of water, plants, and the entire physical world.  Knowing our geometry is key in understanding our structure. 

Life is a dance of Experience and Energy

 Nicola Tesla said, and Albert Einstein agreed, that Everything in the Universe can be distilled down into Frequency, Vibration, and Energy. 

Treatment = Transformation

Relax the Mind. Unwind Tension. Release Stress. Repair Injury/Trauma


Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children;
now I have six children and no theories.
—John Wilmot


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